Breaking the mould, forging our future.

Aluminium advocates and bespoke solutions suppliers, our aim is to deliver commercial advantages by encouraging the switch to exclusive aluminium use across various industries. We're championing a more sustainable future for everyone.

Making the shift to a circular economy.

Discover our Sustainability Initiatives

Multi Metals specialise in custom aluminium solutions, providing a tailored service and playing our part to develop a more sustainable society.

We gear towards commercial success, but our main purpose remains striving to maximise natural resources to leave our planet safe and healthy for future generations. We use aluminium only, choosing it over all alternative metals due to its superior sustainable qualities.

Committed to encouraging the switch to a circular economy, we can help you to take the small steps towards a big change. Alongside our industry peers, we're taking the lead, breaking the mould to champion aluminium and forging a sustainable future for us, for you; for everyone.

Discover our Sustainability Initiatives

Aluminium Benefits

Circular by design, aluminium has a lifecycle that few other materials can match, which is why we choose to work exclusively with this sustainable metal. Corrosion-resistant and infinitely recyclable, recycled aluminium requires just a fraction of the energy used to produce the primary metal, with around 75% of all aluminium ever produced remaining in use today. Lightweight and durable, value-added aluminium products can also help to lower carbon emissions in dozens of applications, making it the perfect solution for our company when solving key industrial and societal challenges.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Energy-efficient, with around 75% of all aluminium ever produced still in use


Offers significantly lower COVID-19 transmission rates than other materials

Waste Avoidance

Allows off-site fabrication, delivering project efficiencies


Boasts lightweight and durable qualities


Fully circular and climate-neutral


Provides unrivalled durability

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