Our Social Responsibility

We’re futureproofing our business and evolving to become more sustainable by adopting environmentally-friendly initiatives and empowering younger generations to help forge a greener future for everyone.

Our commitment to the circular economy.

With the task of rebuilding for the better in our society’s hands, we believe businesses sit at the heart of the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

Along with our industry peers, we are working hard to adapt systems and processes throughout our business functions to encourage and promote circular initiatives internally and within the wider supply chain network. Additionally, we’re taking steps to invest in our community and create opportunities for the younger generation to encourage a stronger, longer fight against combatting climate change in order to build a better, more sustainable society.

Our current initiatives

By working with our supply chain members to purchase lower carbon aluminium products, we are effectively utilising a combination of recycled pre-consumer scrap, recycled post-consumer scrap and primary aluminium. Where possible, we also aim to reduce, recycle and reuse throughout our office environment - after all, our future depends on it.


We're consciously purchasing lower carbon aluminium products, with over 50% of our sales now coming from this department

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We’re moving to a fleet of hybrid vehicles, starting with our new 7.5t dropside flatbed


We purchase over 70% of our aluminium from local British businesses


All staff uniforms are made from recycled clothing

Reducing Waste

Our journey to becoming zero-waste

We are committed to working towards being a zero-waste company throughout the entire working environment. We always aim to choose resources and materials which are efficient and consume only a small amount of energy in order to deliver products and solutions that are flexible and durable with maximum green credentials. Our overarching goals are to design out waste and pollution at every opportunity, keep our products in a high-value state of use for as long as possible and regenerate natural systems; all of which will guide us on our way towards a carbon-neutral and circular future.

We're pushing to reducing our carbon footprint

Throughout our office environment, we strive to operate a paperless invoice and order system, with any printed materials made from recycled paper. We purposefully avoid unnecessary use of plastic where possible, and all our staff uniforms and protective wear are ethically sourced and recyclable. As we progress towards a greener future, we hope to print any new exterior signage components on sustainable materials and source packaging which uses innovative new materials that can be recycled or repurposed. Shifting to a circular economy and treating waste as a resource will enable us to drastically reduce our footprint and reach our goal of becoming climate positive.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

We recognise recycling as a key part of sustainability

The aluminium industry as a whole is making great progress to reduce environmental impact, with around 75% of all aluminium ever produced still in use. In order to develop the market for used materials and “close the loop”, we recognise that buildings must be designed and constructed using recyclable and recycled materials where possible. This is why we use aluminium exclusively for every standard or bespoke solution that we create, due to its unrivalled longevity and ability to be recycled infinitely. We do all we can to be advocates for the quality of secondary materials throughout the industry.

Our long-term goal of fighting deforestation

As we seek to adopt a circular economy approach to all we do by creating sustainable shared value for all, we want to play our part in protecting nature and investing in green recovery. It is our hope that as our company grows, we can begin planting trees in areas where deforestation is at record rates and countless species of plants and animals are faced with habitat destruction. By helping to restore these forests, we want to enable natural wildlife habitats and provide the means to remove dangerous carbon emissions from our struggling planet.


Ask us about our sustainability initiatives

We know that we still have a way to go when it comes to sustainability, but we're proud to have taken some steps in the right direction with many more in the pipeline. In the months and years ahead, we hope to install renewable energy systems in our offices, including Solar PV and heating systems, and realise our dreams of creating Multi Metals Academy in order to encourage generational change for those who will come after us.

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