Our Company

We are a team of diverse and highly skilled bespoke solutions providers who feel passionately about contributing to a world where the advantages of aluminium are recognised and felt long-term.

We view ourselves as a proactive partner.

Operating responsibly and sustainably in all we do, Multi Metals serves a range of sectors including transport, aerospace, construction, agriculture, events, modular buildings and energy.

Distinguished by our specialism but known for our expertise, skills and customer-centric approach, we are a proactive partner aiming to help your business deliver on environmental promises and meet growth opportunities for the future. 



We recognise that all good relationships are built on trust and communication, which is why we take time to forge strong partnerships within our team, with our customers and suppliers, and with the end consumer. By consistently learning and subsequently teaching others about the importance of switching to a greener business model, we want to build our reputation for being known as positive conversation-starters in the sustainability field.


By using and promoting aluminium, we are doing our part to help protect the earth through many applications. We take a collaborative approach to every project, carefully considering your requirements and the environmental challenges in order to complete every installation to an exceedingly high standard whilst also benefitting the environment, the wider society and other businesses.



We embrace positive change and encourage others to do the same. From the aluminium solutions we provide to our entire business ethos, we focus on progress instead of perfection as we look to adopt a circular economy model and evolve to play a larger part in helping to forge a more sustainable lifestyle for future generations. We're striving to modernise our practices, embrace the environment and offer refined solutions to suit your application no matter the scale.

Start your partnership with us.

We're more than just suppliers, we're proactive partners. From your initial enquiry to the completion of your project, our team of industry experts will communicate with you throughout every step of our journey together. Get in touch with us today, our team of aluminium experts are ready to help.