Why Multi Metals

By championing aluminium and pivoting to embrace new technologies and processes in our industry, we've gained great collective expertise and maintained a collaborative approach making us the perfect partner for your upcoming projects.

Meet your new sustainable aluminium solutions partner.

We work exclusively with aluminium due to its superior all-round performance in sustainability, versatility and durability. Extensively considered a key building block of the circular economy, working with aluminium solidifies our commitment to ensuring our community and the planet is moving towards a safer and healthier future.

Furthermore, we collaborate with our supply chain members to consciously purchase lower carbon aluminium products through utilising a combination of recycled pre-consumer scrap, recycled post-consumer scrap and primary aluminium. As a result, more than half of the products we sell are lower carbon aluminium. 

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We work with extensively recyclable, superior quality aluminium

With the need for sustainable development more relevant now than ever before, we believe that aluminium plays a key part in positively contributing to the unfolding green revolution and shift to a circular economy. As aluminium gains market share as it decarbonises, it is fast becoming the most favourable metal for those who require a durable and reliable material for their next installation.

We're an inquisitive, forward-thinking team who get things done

As a responsible company, we are advocating the move towards a circular economy by learning from industry trailblazers and creating new sustainability initiatives throughout our own company. We invite you to come on a journey with us as we modernise our practices and broaden our expertise in order to provide refined solutions to suit your application no matter the scale.


We're making moves to take sustainability seriously

By understanding the current and emerging challenges facing the planet as a result of climate change, we’re continuously looking for ways to pivot to a more sustainable way of working by reducing waste and keeping products and materials in use where possible. As of this year, our staff uniforms are made from 100% recycled material and our offices run on energy-efficient systems including LED lighting and smart controls.

Our solutions, finished to your specification

Our highly skilled and knowledgeable team have the commercial capability to provide a wide range of finishes to suit any project requirement. By always maintaining an open and communicative attitude with our partners throughout the supply and installation process, we fulfil our purpose of making a positive impact on the people and businesses within our community. Find out what we can do for you today.

Start your partnership with us.

We're more than just suppliers, we're proactive partners. From your initial enquiry to the completion of your project, our team of industry experts will communicate with you throughout every step of our journey together. Get in touch with us today, our team of aluminium experts are ready to help.